World Headquarters

"Established in 1969
– IMA World Headquarters is where it all begins …."

World Headquarters is the central data bank for information, where all Associate Members and their Clients can obtain needed resources. World Headquarters assists in directing Clients and IMA Associate Members to the appropriate area of expertise in order to produce successful results for each project by utilizing its internal network while maintaining strict confidentiality with the Clients.

The wealth of knowledge and experience inside IMA is a direct reflection of Mr. Neil Lewis. Neil, through years of hard work, successful ventures and honesty above reproach, has set the pace for IMA today. Neil Lewis, who continues to serve as Chairman and President, founded IMA in 1969.

Neil has provided over 30 years of successful leadership and sets the pace for continued growth of members and clients. He brings forward new ideas as well as suggestions from past experience to ensure that all transactions are managed correctly and closed successfully.

How IMA supports its Associate Members and Clients:
  • MONTHLY HOTLINESdistributed to all members via email/fax outlining current IMA Clients’ needs.
  • CREATIVE WEB SESSIONS - follow each Hotline for IMA Associate Members and their Clients. This takes place in IMA ’s private chat room, accessible to IMA Associate Members and invited Clients only. This is a time to electronically brainstorm and provide solutions for the Clients’ needs. For immediate attention, IMA can provide a SPECIAL NOTICE to all Associate Members to assist in providing immediate needs for a Client.
  • CREATIVE WORK SESSIONSare scheduled on a semi-annual basis providing an informal environment for Associate members to expose specific projects and client needs to each other. IMA invites Clients to attend these sessions to present opportunities to the Associate Members.
  • WORKSHOPSare arranged so Clients can personally present their needs to those Associate Members with the expertise who have an interest in the Client’s particular project, in a roundtable atmosphere.
  • NAME AND LOGO PROTECTIONIMA ’s name and logo are registered on the Principal Register in the United States Patent Office. Further, the name and logo has the Certificate of Registration with the European Community Protection Act.

World Headquarters: 4300 N. Miller Road, Suite 230 - Scottsdale, Arizona 85251, USA
Tel: + 1 480 990 3899 - Fax: + 1 480 990 7480 -