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    INTERNATIONAL MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS®is a network of talented, resourceful, independent entrepreneurs who offer consulting, financing, and merger and acquisition services of a distinctive nature.
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    Here's where the independent that works for himself/herself runs into a major problem. No matter how respected you are in your field, no matter how well known you are in your local community, no matter how valued your work, one person alone has little impact in the corporate world of business today.

    We all have this problem because the business world is oriented to "Bigness." Many people in business honestly believe that they must be part of a major corporation to be successful. As a result, they don't feel comfortable unless they do business with the largest accounting firm, the biggest legal firm, or the experts who come with corporate identification. They find security in their decisions only if a big organization is involved, and the more impressive the name, the better.

    Your identification with INTERNATIONAL MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS® helps you to overcome this bias of the business community toward "Bigness."

    An affiliation with INTERNATIONAL MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS® establishes your identity and credibility immediately within this corporate frame of reference. INTERNATIONAL MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS® opens doors to you that may otherwise remain closed.

    But, that's not all. An affiliation with INTERNATIONAL MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS® can also be a powerful means of attracting clients to you because it puts you in a unique and prestigious position in the business world. You have now identified yourself as the professional who is associated with specialized experts in many fields, and has access to the resources of an organization whose marketing and expertise is completely confidential and international in scope.
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