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The ability to utilize our expertise in a variety of disciplines on an international basis is the strength that IMA Associate Members offer to their Clients. When assisting with specific needs or acquisition requests, IMA may assign a qualified member, or members to represent a Client in this endeavor. Experience has shown that this often presents a Client with an additional perspective and, therefore, a competitive advantage.

  • WHO - as an international affiliation of experienced associates we provide results oriented services by assisting management - we do not substitute management.
  • WHAT – we achieves results by providing an objective and comprehensive analysis of your business to identify all available opportunities. The breadth and depth of our experience enables us to look at your business from many different viewpoints.
  • HOW - it is in our mutual interest for you to use our expertise in the most efficient way possible. Many Clients prefer to commence with a preliminary conference and then progress through the various stages to completion.
  • WHERE - unlike some groups we are not limited by geographical location and can mobilize our members according to the need, once we have a Client agreement in place.
Working in this environment our members can provide:
  • Experience - learned from years of working in various industry sectors
  • Specialist Advice - on joint ventures, sourcing relationships, and the like
  • Identification - support in obtaining the correct relationships when opening distributorships or franchise networks
  • Qualification - of acquisition strategies, transaction development and negotiations.

You are assured of:

Confidentiality Experience
Objectivity Judgment
Problem Solving Ability Ability to Communicate
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