International Services

"monitoring projects on a worldwide basis"

As companies seek to broaden their exposure to the international marketplace, IMA is positioned to assist them by virtue of experience gained through years of working in this particularly difficult area. IMA offers this resource to clients by monitoring events and business climates, through its world-wide network, in order to provide data/reports for project support/briefings.
  • Members - have resided in a variety of countries over their careers and can provide these services based on a first hand experience in the country or countries involved in the project.
  • Country briefing - can be provided on topics such as but not limited to, the following:
    • Working with People in a Multi-Cultural Environment
      • definition and nature of culture
      • influence on cross-cultural effectiveness
      • comparison of cultural profiles
    • Repercussions on Business Practices
      • decision making and conflict resolution
      • problem solving
      • negotiation and communication skills
    • Business Overview
      • country today
      • government and current political situation
      • relationship within the region
    • Living Conditions
      • residential areas and housing
      • cost of living
      • communications

You are assured of:

Confidentiality Experience
Objectivity Judgment
Problem Solving Ability Ability to Communicate
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