What Does IMA Offer To Its Members


  • TO be affiliated with a firm over 30 years old, which adds credibility to your present and future business contacts - FOUNDED IN 1969.
  • TO conduct world-wide business under the registered name and logo of INTERNATIONAL MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS®.
  • TO open doors to opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach, thus enhancing the value of your business with this symbol of identification.
  • TO have access to over 300 established clients through IMA World Headquarters .
  • TO own a unique business system designed for corporate and international needs, with minimal investment.
  • TO be more selective of clients, with immediate access to the vast reservoir of talent of the other IMA Associate Members throughout the world and the total resources of INTERNATIONAL MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS®.
  • TO enjoy world-wide business travel while conducting IMA activities.
  • TO maintain your independence with minimum operating expense and few, if any, employees. IMA charges no royalties, and Associate Members do not have to reveal the amount of business they do, or the fees they earn.
  • TO utilize a system of absolute confidentiality. IMA Associate Members list their clients and their needs by code number, maintaining the confidentiality of their client’s identity, but still giving the client world-wide exposure.
  • TO enhance your services to your employer, and have a “safety valve” in the event your position is terminated.
  • TO have additional prestige needed to function in the corporate and international world. IMA Associate Membership is designed to enhance the services individuals or firms offer to their clients.
  • TO maintain your business activities in your later years and create a legacy.

World Headquarters: 4300 N. Miller Road, Suite 230, Scottsdale , Arizona 85251, USA .
Tel: + 1 480 990 3899 - Fax: + 1 480 990 7480 - Email:imareply@aol.com