Seminars & Symposiums

"a place to network for business"

"Unity in Diversity" of IMA Associate Members’ talents is a formidable strength to offer Clients for seminars and symposiums as an international affiliation of experienced associates.

  • TEAM - The results achieved by a team are based on the collective efforts of the Associate Members of the team. At IMA, through our "reservoir of talent", we can bring this talent to bear on a wide variety of topics. Our Associate Members would be pleased to be involved with you and develop a presentation to meet your corporate needs.
  • MARKET SECTORS - given the variety of clients, IMA can deliver multi-level presentations tailored to a client’s needs, whether the client is a public corporation, private corporation, or government agency.
  • HOW - each project undertaken with a Client is based on an initial review to develop the basis for an assignment, and completion of a proposal including costs.
  • WHERE - in today’s world, location is not a consideration, because our members are located in key locations around the world, and are therefore able to service the international demands.
  • CREATIVE WORK SESSIONS - as part of its own corporate development program, IMA hosts semi-annual sessions where ideas are shared and potential projects discussed between its members. In addition, IMA invites Clients to attend and present opportunities to the members.
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