IMA Services

INTERNATIONAL MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS® can, through its worldwide network of associates, provide you with a dynamic solution in many forms to meet your specific needs. Each service can be designed to offer you the most benefit in providing a unique "one stop service" by putting a team together to fulfill the Client's specific needs.

  • CONSULTING & CLIENT REPRESENTATION – provides services to individuals or corporations; domestically or internationally.
  • CAPITAL SOURCES - monitors domestic and international financing and assists in the placement of loans, leases, international trading and special financing requests
  • THINK TANK - a team is selected from IMA's reservoir of talent (which has thousands of years of experience) for its specific expertise to give special input to your project.
  • INTERNATIONAL SERVICES - monitor events and business climates on a worldwide basis to provide data/reports to support your project.
  • MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS - a client database of qualified investors/buyers actively involved in M & A is maintained and accessible to Associate Members as a resource which can be utilized in a variety of ways.
  • SEMINARS AND SYMPOSIUMS – multi-level presentations on various topics relating to the business world.
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CONFIDENTIALITY: To protect the identity of IMA’s Clients, IMA employs an exclusive coding system which assigns an exclusive code number to each IMA Associate Member and client, thus assuring absolute confidentiality. IMA and its members list their clients and their client’s needs by code, thus protecting the clients’ identity, but still giving the client worldwide exposure.

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